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Onwards and Upwards

Here I go again....second time on Accutane. Actually, Accutane can't be legally distributed in the US...just some food for though. Anyway, I've been on my second treatment for about a week. First time around got rid of almost everything except the blackheads. I made the mistake of thinking that I was find, and didn't get back on it until about eight months later. My acne wasn't as bad as it had been, but it was pretty close. I'm having the 'big pimple flareups' that are so common during the beginning. Right before Mardi Gras. Fantastic. I'm also having to watch my diet. Last time, I gained almost 25 pounds on Accutane. Seeing as I still haven't managed to get it off (dieting is new to me! I never had to do it before...I did drop 5 pounds though), I really don't want to put on even more weight. Lips getting chapped. Good stuff. That's about it.