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Glasses And Acne

Lately I have been getting whiteheads and acne on the bridge of my nose and I didn't think much of it until yesterday when I saw a HUGE whitehead right under my left eyebrow. It looked so weird compared to the rest of my face because there are no pimples around my eyes except this one lone soldier. I washed my face with my Clearasil Wash, moisturized then put my glasses on. Then I paused. Took my glasses off, then put it back on again. The pimple was right where part of my glasses framed my face

Not Letting Acne Rule Our Lives!

When I scroll down and read the blogs here and even just looking at Youtube, its not hard to find people frustrated with their acne/acne-prone skin. At times it can lead to depression and it is a self-esteem destroyer. I am not immune to its effects - I suffer from acne and LOTS hyperpigmentation, and I can't help but compare myself to my relatives who do not have acne or hyperpigmentation. I become jealous and angry just because, to me, my skin looks hideous. But through out my time in colle

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Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash And Mask - Old Vs New Formula

This is a topic that I don't think anyone has touched on. Honestly I didn't even know this acne product changed in its formula, rather I thought it was just a change in the packaging. However when I recently purchased it, I noticed on the left corner of the tube the "NEW FORMULA" label and wondered how it would compare to the other one. I've been trying to look for reviews on the new Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask formula, but can't find it on Youtube and I can't tell if the reviewer
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