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Day 6- Dryness/ Flakiness is here!

Well its been 6 days since I've started the regimen products, and I finally started getting that nasty dry/ flaky skin Its weird for me because I had had oily skin all my life, and now I have really dry skin. Its tolerable, but the only thing I have to worry about now is what moisturizer to use. Dan's moisturizer is just not working for me, so I was thinking of trying Aquaphor or Cerave. Let me know if you know any good moisturizers Well thats all for now ! Bye

Day 4 on Regimen Products :)

Well its been four days and the irritation and dryness is defiantly starting to kick on. Its pretty bad but I think I can tolerate it. I have been getting a few more pimples though -___- I guess thats just my skin purging from the BP. As long as I keep my concealer around for covering them up, I should be good As for Dan's moisturizer, well...um....I starting to think about cutting it out all together Its just so greasy! I think for now I'll just use it at night like I said before, and now thi

Day 3 on Regimen Products :)

So its been three days since I started these products and everything has gone well so far. But I did notice some irritation today. Especially around the eye area. I think Im just going to avoid that area when it comes to the BP. I also limited the amount of moisturizer. I went from3 pumps to just a half of a pump.Three pumps was just way too much and it seemed like it just sat on top of my skin I also think that I am going to pick up Aloe Vera Gel. I heard that it was really good for acne scar

My First Blog Entry :)

Hey I just got my Acne.org Regimen Products in the mail Thusday That first night when I tried it out I was super excited. The cleanser was nice, it made my skin feel fresh and clean. The BP was easier to blend then I thought. Even though Dan always says you should start of small, I used a finger-length amount on m whole face. The only thing that is a little iffy is the moisturizer. Don't get me wrong its not a bad moisturizer, but I think three pumps of this stuff is just way too much! It
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