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28 yrs old...3 months off of accutane...my experience!

Hi Everyone, I don't usually blog but thought this would be helpful to all who are using Accutrane or think about going on it. I took it for 5 months (i couldn't afford the 6th month and also would like to try having a baby in about a year so wanted to be off of it with enough time). I have been off of Accutane for 2 months. While on the A...definitely very dry lips and skin overall. I couldn't live without aquaphore for lips and even for body sometimes, but honestly it wasnt THAT bad, it was definitely a pain but not totally unmanagable. I also COULDNT live without Bliss Steep Clean mask, this saved my dry face. It exfoliated, hydrated and refreshed my face. Its a little on the pricey side ($50) but definitely worth the investment. While i was on A i took special care of myself, my body, i took Salmon oil pills twice a day, ate very healthy, i basically pain very close attention to my body. I had headaches in the begininng but im not sure if it from A or from my super stressful job, I also had some joint pain and took glucosamine which helped alot. Overall, the experience was not traumatizing. I would do it again, its a strong drug (of course not for everyone just like with any other drug) but does what its supposed to do. Just pay attention to your body, take extra care of yourself and you will be fine! Now, ive been off of it for almost 3 months. before starting A i had very oily skin, the use of cosmetics and such things to control oil would make me brake out alot, now my skin is just combination, and i do get a few brakeout here and there but its nothing like it used to be. If i start braking out a lot again i would consider going on A again (after i have my kids of course). So, A in my opinion is nothing other than another drug. Its just a Very Strong drug and you need to supervise yourself or have someone else help you take care of yourself while youre on it and you will be fine. Let me know if you have any questions, i will be happy to answer them all!

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