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My first official posting

Hey guys, so although I may be a new member to acne.org, Ive been a frequent visitor to the site for little over a year now. I have always had very uncomplicated acne, which to me at the time seemed terrible, but now it hindsight was small potatoes to what I am dealing with now. In the last 3 months I had started BC pills ( Ortho TriCyclen-Lo) to hopefully get the little acne that I did have under control and it has now left me with acne worse then Ive ever experienced my whole life. I am since off the pill, after giving it the minimum 3 months to regulate, which it didnt. I have recently started taking Minocycline in 100 mg doses daily, and in a topical effort am starting Dan's regimen. Im hoping that this will allow me to heal from the inside and out. So here is my journey. If anyone is on a similar routine and has any tips they can share, I would love to hear them!!