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Omigosh, I am sooo happy! I went to school with no make up on, just BP and moisturiser! That is such a wonderful feeling! i havent gone to school without foundation on in 4 years!! Amazing!! I really wanted to sing AMAZING!!!! throughout the day today. And its only end of second week! I also bought the BEST moisturiser ever! It's perfect for oily skin! My skin was shine free for 6 hours! Okay, if anyone's wondering what the moisturiser is, its Nivea visage oil-free moisturising f


Omigoth, my skin is so overly dry, i get deep wrinkle-like marks around my mouth. *pouts* so not fair... i know its sounds like whining, but thats coz it is...


Hello, I'm "Alice" and I'm a zit popper!!! no, no, thats not right, i should be deeply ashamed of scarring my skin by popping zits... i am deeeeeply ashamed.... but honest, its hard to resist. So im guaranteed livid marks tomorrow as a punishment for abusing my skin. *sigh* Anyways, my skin didn't burn as much in the morning, but it did go paper-dry around my mouth. Lol it was real hard to talk b4 i applied moisturiser. the foundation looked better, but huge thanks to the moisturiser


Hey there! Its my first blog ever. So I guess ill be posting about my skin and skin habits i have. Um i'll start off with little skin observation (i've spent like half an hour studying my skin, lol): >My skin is all red, and it seems like all my old acne marks have gotten more vivid or something. Well, im not complaining, its the price we pay for having a clear skin, right? Its well through a week and two days now, going three. I didnt exactly follow the regiment at first, because
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