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Am I allergic to BP?

So I have been using the regimen for about two months now and my skin is still unbelievably flaky, peeling, and dry. It does not stop and my skin is not getting used to the BP. I have been having some sort of chronic dryness on my face and I believe it has been causing new breakouts. I dont wear makeup because my skin is way too dry for that. Its embarrassing to go out in public but I have to suck it up and go to school. Not to mention I only use the full recommended amount of BP at night and I even put jojoba oil on first before I put BP because BP just burns my skin without it. My acne is responding well but iono if this dryness is really worth it. My cheeks are in pain from dryness and its frustrating. I use to use only a pea size amount and I gradually worked up to the full amount of night. In the morning, I only use the cleanser and the moisturizer. And seriously, I pack on a crap load of moisturizer and nothing helps the dryness. I even put on jojoba oil alone sometimes at night and I sleep with it but the help it gives is really small. I even use AHA every third night and yes it takes away the dead skin on the surface but my skin is still dry on the inside and the pain in my cheeks is still there. I am suffering and I am wondering if I should stop the treatment all over my face and just use it as spot treatment. Please help me. >.<