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So Shall I ?

Hey everyone! Im currently 14 years old and a well built (strength wise) 145 pound kid. I might want to start accutane but am not sure about the mix of side affects etc. First - My parents are currently in the middle stages of their divorce. Second - School is well, A,B, math dropped to a C but i raised back to B. Third - Right now i have mild acne.. i can usaully cover most up with this stuff called perrigo (I think its called. spelling error probly..) Fourth - I am not worried about not being able to drink due to liver side effects (long story short family history of alcholics so i don't really plan on drinking to much anyway) Fifth - I use Neutrogena Syliadic acid wash or something to help and also a redness killer they make really helps. I also use this Clindamycin cream stuff at night which isn't doing to much.. Last I take this pill with a CRAZY long name but its white and about a half inch long, I believe it is 40mg and has a mark to break it in the center. Hahah well as informing as that was.. Basicly is accutane really worth the IB and stuff or is it just the stress I'm under right now thats causing most of my acne. I try to work out and run, stay fit and stuff like that and eat decently healthy and I play sports. Right now I can handle my acne to the point where I don't feel uncomfortable around people and I still have lots of friends boys/girls. Is there something else I could try? I'm not sure if its worth the IB and all the effects. My mom is also very worried about the depression side effect becuase she think between the divorce that could be a very heavy side effect. So what do you all think.. I really would love to clear it but with a 10mg/20mg pill to avoid the IB and stuff like that.. So yes, no?




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