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Accutane Day #0

Heyy! My name is Makenzie I'm 14, I have moderate acne and I'm starting a prescription of Accutane aka isotretinoin, March 31st. I am very excited but scared of starting medication. There is side effects that are GOING to happen. I will make a list below of side effects: Side Effects: 1. DRY DRY DRY. Dry chapped lips. Dry, red skin common on face, arms, and hands. Dry eyes (this is worse in contact lens wearers). Cracks at corner of mouth. Dry inside the nose which can cause nose bleeds... Kenzi Jabber for #1. ~ My dermatologist told me that chapstick will be my new bestfriend.... (Aquaphor chapstick is VERY GREAT for healing chapped lips. Baby oil in a spray bottle will help heal dry spots on the body, reccomended (by me) to spray body right after a shower to trap moisture into the skin) ~ Dry skin is hard to cover-up! Make sure to use creamy makeup products to cover up any pimples! (if you use makeup) 2. Increased blood facts (triglycerides and cholesterol levels) If you dont know what either triglycerides or cholesterol put define: triglycerides or define: chlesterol to learn more about those two words 3. Headaches, muscle pain, tenderness and joint stiffness... (Tylenol will help 4. Thinning Hair (don't worry you don't have cancer!) 5. Sensitive to sun exposure (SPF! moistrizers) 6. Temporary changes in night vision (Can't see as well in darkness) You probably see how I am scared to be put on Accutane to treat my acne. I hate dry skin! All I know so far that it is important to be informed about Accutane and I just helped you be informed!!!! [: :] Have a fantabulous day... or night! ~ Beauty is Pain! <3




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