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so then day 5 out of too many to count! woke up today had dry skin around my eyebrows and tip of nose and a little whitehead on my cheekbone, not sure if this is down to the roaccutane because this happened now and then when i wasnt on them skin was very irratable during the night though, everytime i moved would irritate another spot of my back, hope this doesnt happen every night for the next 4 months it will be hell nothing else to report!! enjoy your day!!





roaccutane isotretinoin

hello i found this site and after reading a few peoples blogs although some of them did fill me with a fear of some of the side effects i thought it was a great idea and thought i'd write one myself i started taking roaccutane isotretinoin 20mg 3 times a day on feb 22nd, after the first few days i havnt noticed any effects or any difference, my dermatologist said between 5 and 14 days i would start to notice my skin getting worse and have breakouts but as they say things get worse before they get better!! i would like some comments on the best possible moisturisers that i can use to combat dry skin if/when it occurs and anything else people have taken to limit the effects, im a very athletic person so obviously worried about soreness of joints and muscles so if you have any idea of how to limit this please advise . . . . thanks i'll keep you all updated on my progress, wish me a happy 4 months!




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