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Background of my Journey

I am 30 years old. I have had adult acne for 10 years. I have tried everything and anything and am so glad I found this site. I hope my experiences can help other people with theirs. I have Minimal whiteheads and Blackheads but Severe Cystic Adult Acne. I have no problem with a Little Zit here and there, but the cysts I have had have resulted in every type of scar. It sucks, as you know. I feel like I look like a Meth Head but I am one of the most Heathiest balanced people I know. So, I have tried everything. Seen 4 or 5 different Derm MDs - most dont take acne serioulsy, they dont have the time or an organized schedule to treat you properly Topicals - Ive tried every kind and still use a Benzyl and they help Makeup - Mineral, Jane Irdale, too little coverage for scarring, and makes no defference for the price your paying Antibiotics - Didnt help Accutane - Tried Twice, didnt work and is soooo Harsh, really regret it Steroid Injections - Mega help for cysts, if you can get to your MD in the first 3 days of it coming, dont even get me started on Drs offices cysts go away in 2 days instead of 5 weeks. Can work Great but if you get the wrong dose it can leave a good scar Chemical Peels - depends what your looking for, no long term effects Dermabbrasion - depends on what your looking for no long term effects Naturopaths - still trying All kinds of Birth Control Pill - still gets cysts Vitamin Therapy and Food Allergy Testing - no long term effects Right now I am contempalting Profractional. It is very expensive $2100. to $2800 for 4 treatments. It might help with the scarring. Might...might not... for $2100. All these things and the kicker..... For everything that I have done to and put on my skin... the only time in the last 10 years my skin has been perfect WAS WHILE I WAS PREGNANT. Literally perfect skin with no Zits or Cysts whatsoever!!! So why do we put all this crap on our faces and spend thousands of dollars when all it would take is a DR to regulate your hormones! Because DR's dont know how to help you. So frusterated! If I never was pregnant I would still be thinking it was something I was not doing right. I hope this helps someone out there, good luck on your Journey.




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