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nothing special

so basically, i am your average 17 year old girl. i have good days, i have bad days and i have amazing friends. also, i might add in, i have acne. not on my face, none at all. but my back, chest, shoulders and well no that's it. it isn't as bad as i imagine it but it isn't unnoticeable. i have been trying to change my diet to help or aid my acne in healing but it's hard. it really is. so i have turned to the regimen dan came up with. i have my fingers crossed and there are three main events this year that i would like to be confident enough to wear clothes more revealing than a t-shirt. i am going to america in a month and would greatly appreciate being able to wear singlets, my school formal is in just over a week and my long distance boyfriend is coming back to me in December, although i don't think he would care one bit, i feel like it would disappoint him. i am about 4-5 days in and have noticed a little improvement. i am taking milk thistle tablets before main meals to help my liver and trying to avoid refined white sugar and white breads and stuff like that. i doubt that it is exercise related at all due to the 6 hours of ballet i do a week plus 2 hours school sport and regular walks i go on. any advice, comments, help is greatly appreciated. one last thing. my cat looks like a jellybean the way he is sitting now