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Before I Begin...

Hey everyone! I'm attempting to start this blog in order to keep track of my skin's progress, using this new regimen. I went to a dermatologist this morning (I haven't been to one in two years), and it was a fancy place; right nextdoor there was a skincare boutique called "Skinfo," in which I was told to purchase a couple of items. I'm 18, and I have had acne since 6th or 7th grade. It was never extremely severe, but some years were alot worse than others. Two years ago, I was prescribed Duac & Differin (topical treatments), and I used those for about 4 months I believe. I can't remeber why, but I stopped using the treatments. I think my skin was clearing up. I then began using Clinque's acne regimen for nearly a year, and surprisingly, it seemed to have worked. Either that, or my skin was just clearing up last year--or both. Once the school year started though (august 2010), my skin slowly began to decline. By november, there was a noticeable difference that I was breaking out more frequently again, and by the beginning of 2011, my skin was plummeting. Over this past month, I've developed fairly severe acne on my forehead (which hadn't had huge breakouts in over three years), as well as painful chest acne and more bacne than usual. Also, any breakouts i'd get on my cheeks or mouth area were large and painful. But the acne isn't cystic (at least I don't think so), as it fits the description of "pustular." I was using the Tria acne light system mixed with Clinque, and I became desperate, so I was using things like isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to kill all of the zits on my forehead. I finally went to the dermatologist today, not excited to be on prescriptions again...I don't like putting chemicals in or on my body that can be potentially dangerous. But I'm desperate to have my skin cleared again by April, before prom and graduation. It sucks that after my face was in the best condition it had been in 4 years, it suddenly became worse than ever, and in my SENIOR year, after everyone has changed and looks better and better. I refuse to regress. Anywho, I'm supposed to use this gel called Acanya (clindamycin & benzoyl peroxide) in the a.m. and Differin gel (adapalene) at night. I'm ALSO supposed to take these pills called Doryx (Doxycycline); one, once a day. I'm against oral antibiotics for acne, as they really aren't good for your body, but I see no other option and I want to be clear in a couple of months! I can't even swallow pills, but the dermatologist said that I COULD crush the pills and mix them with applesauce, for example. I'm wondering how safe it is though (crushing pills rather than swallowing whole). Does it make a difference? I'm also worried about potential side-effects. Every site I've checked says different things. Some say almost no side-effects (the doc did too), but some list all of these frightening possibilities. I have a very sensitive tummy, and a sensitive EVERYTHING..so I'm worried. Also, I keep hearing about this tooth discoloration thing? EWWW! Does anyone have any experience with DORYX or the other medications I'm taking? If so, please comment or leave some kind of feedback. It would be much appreciated! (I also had to buy a basic cleanser; they suggested "Clean But Not Dry" from the Skinfo boutique. The moisturizer is called Vita Lite, also from Skinfo). PLEASE READ & LEAVE FEEDBACK Wish me luck, and thank you in advance. -Ali




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