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20mg Roaccutane started 4/2/11

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11 days in!

Hi guys and girls, Im a 24 year old girl, Iv been struggling with mild acne for the past two years. Like many I have tried every topical treatment under the sun, I finally went to see a dermatologist two weeks ago who suggested Roaccutane if I was prepared to endure the side effects. I generally break out in between my eye brows and around my chin with a mountain of blackheads on my nose, chin crease and forehead.. FUN! I rarely go a day without having something occupy my face so am excited/nervous to get this roac party started. My derm put my on 20mg on alternate days for the first 2 weeks, then up to 20 mg daily for another 4 weeks.. I then have to see how I go and she may then up me to 40mg daily (I weigh 55kg 167cms tall) which sounds pretty standard. So far I am at day 11 and not a great deal to report, a few whiteheads have come up on my forehead but my skin is still very oily.. no dry lips or anything! I suppose when I get started on the 20mg a day I might get more joy. Has anyone else out there started on such a low dose and had good results? also do you tend to have IB every time you increase the dose? Will post some pictures when I have a clue how to do it! Looking forward to no makeup!!