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Itchy, flaky and hard to apply makeup!

I am 17 and stared to get spots as soon as I hit puberty (13) as we all do. Unfortunately I have had up and down health related to some mild trauma causing me to have symptoms such as panic attacks etc.. Although I have been free of these symptoms for a year or so (yay) My skin has been a terrible mess. I started getting whiteheads and inflamed spots on my forehead and whiteheads and inflamed spots and papule around my mouth and chin area. This has gotten worse over the year and I usually just continue my healthy eating, mild exercise and skincare routine without really taking notice of my face as it was very depressing. I even wore concealer 24/7 not allowing even family to know the true condition of my face. Thats when 2 weeks ago I broke down and got up the courage to show my mother (which believe me was hard) right then and there I burst into tears. My parents were going to take be to a dermatologist but I found acne.org and found the information very interesting. I have been on the routine for a week now and I am using and organic cleanser followed with 2.5% BP and then olay beauty serum for sensitive skin with 5 drops of jojoba oil. All is going well, I have seen some slight improvement (its only been a week) and have found the routine good (altough it does take up much more time -_-) Some time my face can feel very oily after I use my moisturizer and jojoba oil but I cant really use less as my mouth area (particularly where I have had patches of whiteheads) has been flaky and dry. I am dying to use an exfoliant of some kind..am I allowed to use it before 4 months? Also when I apply foundation (I am using maxfactor as it stays on longer that mineral essence (maybelline)it tends to cake up on the area and looks like my skin is falling off /shock horror! I find that either the jojoba oil or BP is also preventing my foundation from going on smoothly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! and good luck to everyone who has been cursed with this condition!




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