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23 y/o, spending next 20wks with my BFF Roaccutane. In the words of Lady Macbeth, "Out, damned spot!"

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Under the spotlight...pun intended!

FYI to all readers: I like to write, sometimes TOO much. Now we've got that out the way, let me introduce myself! Im a 23 year old final year uni student/part-time PR manager from the South West of England and the reason behind me starting this little outlet is because I finally (wo)manned up and decided to start a twenty week course of… [cue dramatic music] Roaccutane! Soon to be my BFF. Fact. Today is Magical Day #4 of this enthralling journey in what I hope will be the ultimate confidence booster by the end of the course. Here’s how it happened: Met (hot) dermatologist Monday 31st January knowing full well I was going to be prescribed Roaccutane, even if I had to kick, bite, cry and/or scream in order to get my paws (meow) on that magical green ticket to clear skin. Needless to say, hot dermatologist understood my woes and signed me over a two month prescription there and then. Amazing! As this has been a decision I have been toying with for verging on three years, I knew pretty much all the pros and cons and what I needed to do beforehand. So having had my blood tests done last week I was able to start the drugs on the very same day which was love-er-lee. I’ve been directed to take the miracle medication as follows: • Week 1 = 1 tablet per day (20mg) • Week 2 = 2 tablets per day (40mg) • Week 3 = 3 tablets per day (60mg) *I am to continue the 60mg dose until the end of the treatment as I weigh ~63kg. So far so good! Obviously, to my knowledge, I haven’t experienced any side effects yet because it’s still early days. But I don’t see this honeymoon period ending any time soon, in fact I’m rather looking forward to the dreaded initial breakout; mainly because it means that the ‘tane is doing what it’s paid to! I went on a mass Roaccutane shopping spree today, practically bought the entire supply of Simple skincare products on the shelves of Boots. I’ve told myself a million times not to exaggerate. I also bought some Blistex intensive lip moisturiser and Blink fake teardrops so that I can continue to hide my four eyes with contact lenses for as long as physically possible. Luckily I also have a stash of Cetaphil moisturiser and Aquaphor lip balm that my sister brought back from America for me as I heard these are literally the next best thing to finding a pot of gold at the end of a double rainbow, so I put my order in before she jetted off! That will be all for now, so until next time, stay hydrated and belt up, it’s the law. ZeeZee x




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