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Okay, so after 8 years of struggling, stressing, & spending, I'm going to try something new.. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on hundreds of different products trying to clear up my acne. It's become an obsession, I'm obsessed with getting clear skin. I have never understood why I have bad skin because I take great care of my skin, it is pretty much my #1 priority to make sure my skin is taken care of properly every day. My whole day revolves around doing things for my skin (washing





Asprin Mask.

02/03/11 Well after reading many great reviews on the aspirin mask, I have decided to try it myself. I must say after reading all of these amazing reviews, if I experience anything less than a miracle I will be greatly disappointed lol. I don't think I saw even 1 negative review, so it's awesome that it has worked so well for others, & hopefully it'll work well for me too! I didn't read others directions very well, until after I had already applied my mask lol, but this is what I did; I




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