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First day of the next 2 weeks

HI, First blog ever well im exited. Well let me tell you my story and why I am doing this blog. First when was 9 I got my first pimple ever and it was smaller than a crumb, I also got like 3 blackheads. I didnt get anymore ever since then. Now I am 12 years old and now I get acne at least 4 pimples a week and its gone within a week or so. But I know I might get really mean comments saying like "WOW you have no acne at all and you shouldnt be complaining" and I know I shouldnt be, believe me I try not to complain I am currently with 5 pimples on my face and it is a bit like hell this week I feel really embarrased because non of my friends have any acne and those who do have it worse than me and they dont hang out with me which makes it really bad because then it kinda makes me feel like im diffrent or something when I know I shouldnt be thinking this. Second part OK now Im doing this blog because I think it might make me feel better about my skin, you know like opening up, instead of keeping it all bottled up and then exploing with tears at night. So i guess I think this might help me in a way of expressing my feelings . It doesnt matter to me if no one reads this and n one answers, at least its making me feel better about opening up and having the option of someone reading this THANK YOU