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Everything I'm doing right now to get rid of this acne

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My annoying as crap acne

Hi. So, I'm a sixteen year old girl who's suffered with moderate-severe(on some days)acne for about 2 years. It's really bad on my face as in forehead, chin, cheeks, around nose, temples, and I have blackheads in my nose but normally no pimples or zits there. I also have it on my back, chest, and shoulders. I am a makeup pro so I can cover it up on my face to where you would never know it's there. But as for the body acne, I am a ballet dancer so I have to wear a leotard 5 times a week, and I'm not about to put makeup all over my body because I always sweat in class and makeup all in my pores wouldn't go well. Anyways! When my mom was my age, she had horrible severe acne all over herself, and I'm afraid if I don't do something major that I will end up like that, and I will say this in the most nonconceited way possible, but I am a pretty girl with a nice body and this is really affecting me... SO ID LIKE IT GONE! therefore, I have decided to detox myself and I am eating only fruits and vegetable and drinking only water for 2 weeks, after that I am goingto become atotal healthfreak and eat only foods that will not screw with my acne. I'm also taking vilantae, but I am going to take the bottle to the vitamin store because the guy told me he could get me all the vitimans in vilantae for a much more concentrated dosage. This is my acne-cleaning schedule.. Morning 1)wash face with benzol peroxide acne wash (perscribed by my derm) 2)apply a little tea tree oil on face and other affected areas on body if my face gets a little oily throughout the day, I use a pore minimizing toner to get rid of excess oil. Night 1)take a Epsom salt/sea salt hot bath to cleanse pores 2)use makeup remover for face 3benzol peroxide acne wash 4)tea tree oil 5)mint julep mask while I sleep Please everyone tell me your opinion on if any of this has worked for you or if it doesn't work etc.. Any input is welcome! Thanks