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Month One - Complete.

I had my dermatologist/blood test appointment on Friday. I showed him the eczema-like rash that had since moved from my hands to my arms and he prescribed Triamcinolone ointment to apply twice a day. So far so good. The rash is no longer itchy, red and angry! The Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy body cream has been wonderful so far - I've noticed marked improvement. So I bought their facial cleanser and facial 24 hour moisture therapy cream too. I love it! Other than that - not much to report. The aches have definitely been better since I started working out/stretching/doing yoga more regularly. I've been wondering: has anyone found that any of the pharmacies listed as providers of Accutane on the iPledge website do not, in fact, provide Accutane?? On Friday when I turned in my prescription for the Triamcinolone at a nearby pharmacy listed by iPledge as a provider I asked the pharmacist if they had Accutane in stock because I'd be back to pick some up as soon as my blood test results cleared and I had taken the test on the iPledge website. The pharmacist responded, "no, we don't stock Accutane and we never have." I explained to her that they were listed on the website but she didn't seem to give two hoots. I asked if their chain had any other pharmacies near by that did stock it and the only one she knew of is AGES away (practically impossible for me to get to as I don't drive). The first time I filled my prescription I suppose I misunderstood. I just thought that the pharmacy near me was out-of-stock and the only one that had Accutane in-stock was this one that is about a 40 minute drive away. Luckily that first time, my co-worker kindly offered to drive me out there but there's no way I can ask someone to drive me out there every month to pick up a pack of pills. I'm going to have to find somewhere else... None of this is simplified by the fact you only have that specific time-frame in which to get everything done! This will take some figuring out. I hope everyone is having a good and relaxing weekend <3 Marii03





Accutane - My First Month

This site has been extremely helpful to me over the past few weeks. I've read multiple blogs from people who are taking Accutane and I've found everyone's logs to be a great source of support/encouragement. I suppose I should start with a little bit of back-ground. I'm 25 years old and I've had mild/moderate acne for over ten years now. During my teenage years it was what one might expect going through puberty. When I moved into my twenties though, it started to get worse. The past few years it has left scarring and like everyone here I'm totally fed up. I feel as though I have tried everything. I've seen so many dermatologists/doctors etc. Noone has had a lasting solution. Solodyn helped for a while but as soon as I stopped my acne began reappearing within the month. Accutane was always my last resort. I try to avoid medication in general if I can and Accutane certainly isn't your basic kind of drug! In an ideal world I would have found a 'natural' solution to my problem buuut even vitamin A, zinc, a completely changed diet or organic washes/creams etc did not provide results. SO, about five years later (the length of time I've been trying to find a solution in earnest) - here I am. One month into my Accutane treatment. I think the best way to describe how I feel right now is: cautiously optimistic. In terms of negative side effects I have not noticed a major IB yet - which might be because I'm distracted by the fact that my skin is SO dry. It is literally falling off in huge flakey chunks. My lips, eyes, ears, legs, nose - EVERYTHING. My hands are so dry that I've developed an eczema like rash that is scabbing and flaking (I only bought moisturiser yesterday so this is all entirely my fault - I should have been better prepared). My nose is cracking and bleeding and no matter how much Aquaphor I put on my lips, they too, are a cracking peely mess. But yes, despite the fact that probably a pound of dry skin has shed off my body this past month I am positive and excited to get to the end of month six! I have quite a lot of large pores on my nose and those already seem to be shrinking?? The only other side-effect of note is the joint/back pain. I move around like a 120 year old woman. I'm going to start going to this yoga stretching class at my gym to see if that helps to sort of loosen me up a bit. Right now the products I'm using are: Facewash: Alba Acnedote Face&Body Scrub Moisturiser: Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Oil Free Revitaliser Cover-up: Clinique Redness Solutions foundation Hands/Body Cream: Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Does anyone have any good suggestions for a foundation? I find the Clinique doesn't go on as well anymore. Does anyone know of a moisturising foundation that won't aggravate things?? Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here's to positive end results!! <3 Marii03




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