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My story

So here's my story, over the past two years I have taken minocycline twice and each time I was on it for a month and my acne would clear up with in a week or two. My skin stayed pretty clear for a good six months but than slowly i started breaking out again. Idk if it was due to me losing 10 lbs, drinking 2 or more cups of coffee a day or the effect of antibiotics. Regardless, I started minocycline again for two months and instead of getting better it started getting worse and had no effect on me. The weird thing was my bacne, chest, and arm acne was getting clear but my face was getting worse. So i went to the dermatologist who prescribed me doxycycline, I've been taking 100mg 2 times a day, today is the end of my second week and it has made my facial acne much worse. I was also given differin and epiduo but haven't started using them yet because my face was so dry from previous treatments and I wanted to bring it back to normal before applying harsher chemicals. Well now I have a bunch of red scars on my face, breaking out on places on my face where i have never broke out before and I am so depressed. I rarely leave the house anymore or want to see anyone. It's affecting my life, my relationships and really taking a toll on my confidence. I will start epiduo or differin tonight because my skin is no longer dry and update how it goes. As for the doxycycline, I hope this is the intial breakout period and it gets better. I'm trying to be patient as possible but after minocycline not working after months I feel like doxycycline will do the same thing. Any others have similar experience with doxycycline?




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