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everything that i've tried to cure my acne, and now the big decision to take accutane

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Decision Made to take Accutane

Hello fellow acne sufferers, I'm new to this site and feel the need for some support on making the decision to take accutane, after a 14 year struggle with curing my acne, and over the next few months of being on the drug. There is soooo much information and different opinions about this treatment that I don't really know where to start with it all, and who or what to believe. I'm very nervous about the side affects, especially as I live in Australia where the sun is extremely strong and will surely exacerbate the dry skin effect and will make me more vulnerable to burning. It's the middle of summer here, and probably not the best time to start this drug but I feel I have no other option left to me. I have tried EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine since acne first appeared on my face at the tender age of 12. Now at 26, I still suffer and they have never completely gone. My self esteem and confidence is at an all time low now as it's recently gotten worse and I'm at the end of my patience with it all. My confidence can't take anymore knocks and so I went to the Dermatologist today and said I wanted to start accutance. Not only is it an emotional and physical commitment but a financial one too, and all this has been taken into consideration when making my decision to start the course. So my blood tests have been taken, and as soon as the results are back to say that I'm ok to start, I'll find out what dose I'll take and for how long. This bit's for the ladies: I know some people may find this a bit personal, and apologies for any offence, but everyone mentions about the dryness of their lips and skin, but how about their lady parts? I'm worried about the sexual impact of this with my partner and wonder if anyone has suffered with dryness in this area and if its been a real problem. I may have to warn him about this before I start popping the pills! Anyway, enough from me for now, any advice or experiences are welcome, and I'll report back next week when I get my results and start the course. Many thanks for reading this Zumbagal