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oh my god its really working!!!!!!!!! :) week 15

ok so from week 1-week 4 my skin was ok then by week 5 it broke out the worst it ever has been and i was on 20mg then so istayed on 20 mg until week 10 and then got put up to 40mg the just last week( beginning week 14) it has suddenly got better with zero new breakouts, no bumps, no lumps,and everything i had healed very quickly. i am sooooooooo happy, so glad i stuck with it becuase i almost came off it at week 12 i looked awfull, I went to work on monday and someone said "god you look like your glowing your skin is flawless" this set me in the best mood for the first time in ages. so i would say to any1 that is thinking it wont work just stick with it cos its different for everone. back at hospital today for results and prescription.




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will it work EVER?????

Hi, Im 27 yr old women just wanting my life back!!!! Ive been on accutane for about 8 weeks now,my acne was nothing much between the agest 17-26 and then at 27 i started to break out alot with the bumps under the skin etc,i was going through a break up and a house move at the time so was highly stressed. so after trying everything i was finally referred to the derm and she started me of with 20mg that was a precription for 6 weeks due to xmas etc,anyway at around the 3-4 week mark i started breaking out quite badly,when i went back for my 2nd app i was hoping she would up my dose but she didnt because my liver results were a little higher (prob because i had a drink at xmas),so im hoping she will up my dose when i go back on 1st feb because i dont feel like its working. my lips were dry at first but even they are no longer dry,i dont have oily skin anymore but my acne is awfull never been worse. The derm said it is normal for this to happen but cant help but feel like its never going to get better,i was so outgoing before now i try not to go out unless its really needed. any advice would be appreciated!! Has anyone else experienced this as its hardly an initial breakout as its been 2 months.