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Week 1

My skin has always been clear up until my 27th birthday. I would normally have a few pimples around "that time of the month", but nothing I couldn't handle. Once I turned 27, it was like my skin just didn't want to cooperate anymore and I always had tons of breakouts and they weren't the simple little pimples either. I would get the deep underground cysts that would never seem to come to the surface and my skin was starting to scar from it. I've tried antibiotics, topical creams, drugstore items, tons of 3-step kits - basically everything imaginable to no avail. My dermatologist finally recommended that I try Accutane. I was a little hesitant at first due to all of the stories I have heard (extremely dry, peeling skin, different severe medical conditions developing, etc.) My dermatologist sat down with me and explained everything and then I felt more comfortable and that I should give it a try. She wanted me to take the pills for a 5 month period and start off by taking one 30mg pill a day for two weeks and then increase to two 30mg pills a day. She also stated that since Accutane is very drying, I had to stop using the Differin Gel, stop taking the antibiotics and stop using all topical items. Today is my 2nd day on Claravis (aka Accutane). So far, I haven't experienced any side effects - a headache came on last night a few hours after taking the first pill, but I'm not sure if it was a side effect of the pill or just a headache. My skin doesn't seem to be any drier than it normally is, but then again, I'm only on 30mg of Claravis. Once I increase to 60mg, I'm expecting to start seeing some drying and peeling. (Of course if that didn't happen, I wouldn't complain!) I am going to keep track of my progress by posting weekly so I can see how well this stuff actually works and I'm hoping it does!!




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