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Day 26

Clear face apart from one spot! No other side effects atm. I read some horror stories about Accutane and it's side effects. So far honestly the only side effects are that my acne is disappearing. I am still following my beauty regime strictly though. x

Day 17.

I haven't blogged for a while. And i've just realised i've been on accutane for two weeks three days. I have been really worried about the IB, I think I have had an intial breakout but it hasn't happened in the way I feared. I got about 5 biggish spots on the left side of my neck. But hardly anything of massive significance on my face. What seems to be happening on my face is some whiteheads and blackheads are being forced out. What I was most scared of was getting big cysts on my face but touch wood so far this hasn't happened (I reckon this may be due to the Murad regime I did before accutane which I had quite a bad purging period with, I didn't apply it to my neck so maybe this why I am breaking out here.) What makes me really happy is when I wash my face although I may have red marks left, my face is smooth, I no longer have to run my hands along painful bumps. Even if my face isn't completely blemish free if I close my eyes my skin feels like its clear I have had to adjust my skin care regime as my course has gone on. I've been really diligent at preventing any of the bad side effects before they happen. For example, I used aquaphor from day one, e45 cream on my arms and clinique moisturiser on my face. I had been using the murad cleanser and exfoliator but find I only need to use cetophil and then moisturise. Side effects so far: A slightly dry nose (did have a bit of a cold though) A headache twice (probs isn't due to accutane) Apart from those i'm hard pushed to find any other side effects. I am sure this is due to my prevention regime. I use eye drop twice a day, moisturise twice a day, apply lipsalve as often as I feel which is probably about 5 times a day and I take Salmon oil to counter act joint pain and vit e help healing process. Having my blood test in two weeks, hopefully everything will be fine. Hope everyone else is doing well with accutane

Day 5.

So I've been on Accutane for 5 days now. I don't know if it is my strict moisturise everything routine, but I haven't had any dry lips, dry face. In fact the only side effect I have had is a headache once! I take my 50mg in the morning with three weetabix, skimmed milk and lots of sugar. I'm going to start taking fish oil supplements with my breakfast because I don't think there is enough fat in my breakfast to make my 50mg as effective. My skin however looks great. I came into this with relatively clear skin and I still get a spot a day but they are what I call white black heads and when I clean them out they may leave a red mark the size of a pin head so basically they are pretty non existent atm. My skin regime goes as this: Morning: Murad cleanser. Murad exfoliating gel. Clinique Even Better moisturiser (this gently removes dark red scars as well and I can lather it on without worrying about a breakout) I use Blistex on my lips three times a day and don't need to reapply chapstick. I also use Aqueous cream up my nose. E45 cream on my arms and hands. And finally Murine eye drops for tired eyes. I repeat this process in the evening as well. I sometimes put some sudocream on dark areas. Woah that seems alot when I read it back!!!

Day 1.

Took my first dose of Roaccutane this morning. I am on 50mg a day and weigh about 60kilograms. I'm really worried about the IB (initial breakout I presume this means) If you start Accutane with relatively clear skin does this usually mean I won't get as bad an IB. Is IB that common? Is the rate of blogging about it so high because people only tend to blog when things go wrong?? Does anyone have any nice stories about IB? Would really appreciate some advice. Best Wishes.

Week 1!

I'm due to start Roaccutane tomorrow. I've already brought some Aquaphor and Cetaphil to try and combat any of the dryness before it starts. I found alot of advice from people taking accutane in the USA but couldn't find much advice for what products to use from people in the UK. Hopefully as I move along my course I can maybe recommend some good products found easily in the UK. I have had Acne since I was 12 I am now almost 20. I wasn't really bothered by it in my teens because I accepted it was a normal part of puberty. But as I'm just coming out of puberty my acne has seemed to get worse. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but atm I feel surrounded by people with beautifully clear skin they take forgranted. I really hope Roaccutane eventually works. I can't wait to find out what it is like to wake up with clear skin!!!