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Day 1 - The Regimen arrives.

Day 1 - OK, so there i was minding my own business getting ready for work today when my dog goes CRAAAAAZY, he's barking, my gate is making all sorts of noises, I'm late for work, I peer out my window to see whats up... ...Turns out theres a guy holding his package!...no not the dogs 'package'...his package. I say his package but what i mean is that the delivery man was holding Mr.Kerns package in his hands. I sent him round the back where I could collect this long awaited package. It had been roughly 4 days. I opened the door and the following conversation occured: Doofy - HELLOOOO!!!! DM - Yup, we have a delivery for you. ME: OH....I do know good sir, let me take that packagefrom you. DM: NOOOOOO!!!! Theres a delivery charge of £18.91 you must pay that first.... ME: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU [expletive content]!!! (well, my mind said that...What I actually said was..) : That is no problem at all good sir, I shell fetch you the money right away. Well to shorten the story i gave him to tens, he had no change i couldn't find any change, almost missed my bus but made it in the end. ________________________________________________________________________________ Day 2 I love how this stuff feels on my face, the only comparisons i can make purely by feel is this... Dans Cleanser > Lab Series Face wash Dans BP > PanOxyl 2.5 (absolutely no redness whatsoever yet - only using 1 pump atm though) Dans Moisturizer > any moisturizing product I've ever used. (although i wasn't a fan in moisturizers in the first place) Skin Felt baby smooth. I also got my haircut today - what a disaster, spots showing worse than ever, the girl that done my hair got hair all over my face. Then tries brushing it off with a hair brush. Little irritating. The new haircut also highlights some places where i need to re-shave and clear properly. Will have to maybe apply the cleanser before I go to Judo tonight, shave, moisturize and then re-do the regimen when i get back. ________________________________________________________________________________




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