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i hope you guys can help me

hi my name is steven. i am here to ask for help from you. i like some of you have suffered from acne for a long time (6 years) i have finally got rid of my acne thanks to actutane. i'm still on it now. but i am stuck with my ance scars. something to remind me of all the pain i went through trying to get rid of my ance. i plan to get laser resurfacing done on my scars once i finish my actutane and take some time to let me skin heel. but it cost alot of money. so ill be saving from now. i have found a website online that can help with my money problem. its free its not a scam and i've already got paid 25 dollars to my paypal account. i'm here to ask you to sign up and help me get the money i need to get the laser resurfacing done. i'm not aloud to advertise on this site so if you could message me and i could tell you more about it. i hope to hear from you.