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Dam u acne!

Hiya im Grace and i have been suffering from acne since i was 13 years young. Its not easy as you know battling through years of oily skin and painful pimples, nevertheless i am determined to banish acne for good so i can feel even better about myself. I have been on numerous amounts of medication from the doctor from antibiotics taken orally to skin creams which have worked for a short period of time but never properly cleared up my face the way i wanted it to. I have also been to see a dermatologist and have been prescribed roaccutane which i had a very bad experience with. Please dont let this put you off though, Roaccutane works for most people, i just had a bad reaction to it physically and mentally. So as i have got older my skin has become slightly less oiler, but i still get quite a few painful spots which do not look good, especially if i wanna go out with the girls on a friday night. At the moment i am using clean and clear spot clearing kit which mainings my skins moisture, but hasnt completely cleared up my skin. Im also using a benzol peroxide based cream called quinoderm which is very good. I am now taking more of a holistic approach and trying to eat more healthily, avoiding processed foods as much as possible, ensuring the make up i use is correct for me etc. I hope that one day i can say goodbye to acne for good and tell it where to go, coz its not welcome on my face lol. Will keep posted on how things are going.