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turmeric week 1

Ok. So I have been applying turmeric (ground turmeric from publix) to my face entire face every night and then washing it off in the morning in the shower. So far its been 7 days and my skin seems to be glowing more. The results are good. Not as great as I was expecting, but still something. I broke out the first few days I was doing it. One of the pimples was between two under the skin pimples and it broke out the 4thn day I used turmeric. But I think it was like pulling the infection from underneath, so it was a good thing. The fifth day, in the morning, it came to head, but it was still red. The 6th day, the head was bigger but the redness was less, so I popped it (I know; big no no). Suprisingly, there was no puss to squeeze out because I think the turmeric pulled it all out. The seventh day, it was really red but barely any inflammation was there and it was almost flat. I barely broke out this week but I did get some small pimples that dont seem to be getting bigger or smaller. I think its maybe cleaning out the skin and pulling everything out. The under the skin pmples didnt break out thankfully, but they did get smaller and the color evened out. I can still feel them but they are much smaller than before. My scars are definitely lighter. The red marks from 2 and more months ago are 50% gone. The red marks I got in the past few weeks are 75% gone. I have really gross discoloration around my mouth thats been there for more than 8 months and it seems likes its starting to face: maybe 5% reduced. The brown and black marks are also like 8% reduced. I know thats a weird value but sometimes I dont know if it just my imagination or if they really are improving. My dad sais my skin is looking better and he hasnt complemented my skin in over 3 months, so maybe its a good thing. I am going to continue for a month. So far its extremely messy, my pillow and bed are yellow and I feel disgusted with turmeric. But since I already went this far, I am not going to stop. Besides, I heard that the scars and marks get completely cured in a month, so its totally worth the try.