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Week 1

I am 18 years old. I have suffered from acne since I was 13. I started breaking out on my forehead, it then spread to my cheeks and temples. I have never had much of a problem with my chin. I began wearing makeup when I was 14, embarrassed at all of the spots of my face. I doubt that this helped. I have a few suspicions on the cause of my acne. I smoke (which I have considerably cut down to only 1-2 cigs per day), I was on the depo shot for 3 years. I have been off of it for nearly 7 months and still no sign of menstrual cycle, I think this had a lot to do with it, and quite frankly I'm in the age group where it could just be hormones. My acne was pretty bad, I had around 8-9 spots on either cheek constantly. I found no relief. I ahd tried every topical remedy imaginable, proactive, neutrogena, acne free, clearasil, stidex, EVERYTHING! I quit eating meat and cut out all dairy products 2 years ago. This helped, but I found myself not eating, or eating very unhealthily. i.e. a handful of chips, or takeout chinese food. Quick easy things. This year i am starting a reform in my health. I have purchased biodermazen, an all natural acne supplement, I am drinking 2-3 cups of rooibos tea throughout the day, and I am taking a teaspoon of spirulina every morning in a glass of juice. I have started drinking alot of water, 8 glasses a day at least and no caffine/soda.sugary beverages. I am also taking B5 supplements, vitamin D during the winter, and a women's multi vitamin. also, I have phased out ALL MINT from my diet. Little known is that mint can interfere with any homeopathic remedies. This means no mint toothpaste. I am using only natural plant based products on my face, burt's bees acne solutions gel cleanser every morning/night, followed by the garden tomato toner and derma e skin lighten cream and derma e very clear moisturizer. I also purchased burt's bees res-q ointment, i apply a thin layer to my spots before bed every night and while I am lounging around the house. I started this regemin last week, I am seeing great progress. I have a lot of red spots all over my face (keloid scars) but no new blemishes. My skin feels healthier and has smoothed out in texture. I will post pictures soon, without makeup.