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3 weeks into Retin-a treatment

So I am starting this blog, to keep track and share my results from retin-a (tretinoin cream). I started using this product on December 8th, so exactly 3 weeks ago tonight. Although I was prescribed to use every 3rd night I have been using it everynight, with a periodic break here and there. But only one night break at a time. So far, the real painfull acne seems to have gone away. But my face is still bumpy and red. I am told that this medication takes a WHILE to really show its true colors, so I am HOPING it works for me SOON. I am remaining calm with the process, good things come to those who wait. As far as an initial break out, I am not sure if I had one. My face was so bad, that if I did I didn't notice. However i do have break outs on my forehead which normally I dont have, and on the side of my face. Normally I break out around my nose and chin and partial cheek area. So this is possibly my initial break out. If it is, its bareable. I have had SOME peeling but no horrible burning or anything like that. On nights I don't use the cream I use aveno baby lotion. It's great for sensetive skin. I also use that every day before I apply my foundation. Seems to keep the dryness away pretty well. Well, I am off to apply my tretinoin for the begining of week 4! wish me luck!!




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