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so,.. my bf took me to a new dermatologist today . wasnt as brutal as i thought it would be. i got so worked up before going in that i started to cry i know i know i am ridiculous. anyway so she said that my skin isnt that bad and im beautiful yata yata ya. she was so sweet. made me feel alot better. she gave me tazorac gel and suggested i do a fraxel laser with a pulsar dye laser with it for my redish scars i have. and the fraxel to help with my ice pick pock marks on my cheeks. im really nervous about all of this cause i am so scared of my face getting worse before better. i CAN not handle that. i pick and it makes my face worse. im thankful for my sexy beautiful boyfriend for offering to pay for everything...and lemme jus say that laser and everything is not cheap. if u ever see this bby ILY! you mean the world to me <3 i hate that i cant feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup. i hope things get better . i will put some pictures up eventually of my skin with no makeup and up close but for now just wanted to make a profile and took some pics that were on my comp. to start this thing up.