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Hi my name is Allan i am like 14 years old rite now and i am so exited because i am on accutane and i am taking tretinoin cream 0.01%. So last week like in monday i went to my derm and he prescribed me accutane 40 mg(claravis) because i have severe acne soo i been using tretinoin cream 0.01% and accutane and i just want to know if using those two treatments is it going to make my face look better and take my acne away or is not gong to do anything?but yea soo last week i went to get prescription and i took my first pll in monday but nothing didnt really happen but as soon as i was taking for a week the IB! started so today is like my eighth day with accutane and i dont like as much but i am goin to keep taking it, like rite now i have like a lot of pimples all over my cheek and is kinda dry is like i can touch them and they will fall out but what i heard i don't know if it is true but i heard accutane is forcing all the crap under my skin out to the surface and if i have that a lot is more likely that my face will be clear? i was juss wonderin if thats true? but yea! my face looks horrible rite now but i know is part of the initial breakout and like in a month or so is going to get clear! yay i am exited for that! lol but just a quick question is tretinoin cream and accutane good if i use it together like in the morning i wash it with cetaphil gentle cleanser it feels quite good lol and den i eat some breakfast like cereal and take the pill and den at night i put the tretinoin cream in my face is that good? soo i cant wait until i have clear skin and another thing that i have notice that my skin is not as oily as it used to be my mom told me that my skin is not oily as much and i feel like that's part of the pill lol and yea.




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