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Week 1

Sorry I didn't come on sooner, but I've been SWAMPED with homework and studying this week. The regimen seems to be working after only a week. I don't see a BIG change however my cheeks do seem slightly better. My forehead is stubborn and I've barely seen any improvement on it. The only thing I don't like about my regimen is that it DRIES ME OUT more than ever before. My skin is beyond oily, so dry patches usually aren't even a thought for me. Also, after the first 3 days my skin started to burn everytime I applied medicine (i think its the 5% BP wash). All in all, I'd say that i like these meds and ill continue using them. *Edit: The Doxycycl pills dont make my stomach hurt IF i eat a MEAL (not a snack), and wait about 15mins to take it. This is difficult for me because I need to take it twice a day however I wake up at 5:50am, my bus comes at 6:30am, and I usually dont have time for breakfast. This makes finding two times out of the day far enough apart to take the pills difficult. I did only take it once 1 or 2 days. I WILL POST PICS LATER

jasmine j.

jasmine j.



Hey guys !

I'm going to try a new regimen perscribed by my new dermatologist, and i can't wait to see how this works out. I'll post new pictures just about every week. Comments are welcomed. Wish me luck! Regimen: Morning: doxycycl pill, Ben Peroxide Wash, Clindamycin, Aveeno (until I find a better moisturizer) Night: doxycycl pill, Ben Peroxide Wash, Epiduo (just a dab), Aveeno My face: OILY !! hormonal acne (15yrs old) EDIT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Until I figure out how to put pics up directly on here, you will have to view my pics in my gallery.

jasmine j.

jasmine j.


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