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Day one

So its Dec 25 2010. I'm starting a new regime. SHORT HAIR FLIP PILLOW CASE EVERYDAY Wash every 4days. Morning: Brush Teeth before shower Quick shower with gentle face cleanser 2 % salicylic acid treatment lotion containing salicylic acid Night: Cold water rinse (3 times a week) Salt water steam facial Gentle Cleanser 2 % salicylic acid vitamin E moisturizer Few new pimples left and right side of forehead, lots of dark marks on the forehead acne on left cheek, scaring on both sides of jawline but mostly on right jawline Acne and dark marks both sides between eyes and ears, but mostly on right side. just a bit of acne on right shoulder, little bit of bacne PS. been sleeping between 1-3 am. Going to try to sleep before 11pm