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six day update. Merry xmas!

Well it's about a week in and my skin still looks the same if not worse. I can't stop picking at my skin in the mirror and for some reason (maybe its because I am about to get my period) I am breaking out really bad with big painful zits. I keep thinking that if I just squeeze them they will feel better but they always end up really sore and red all night and the next day, even my pillow touching it hurts. So tonight, I washed my face in the dark, popped only the whiteheads, and put on a mask. I am going to take off the mask and do the rest of my regimen in the dark so as not to pick at anything else on my face. I NEED some improvement before NYE coz I've got big plans. “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart†A

New Regimen PLEASEEEEEEEE work !!!

I am going to begin by telling my story. I have been coming to this site for a few months now always getting inspired and leaving feeling hopeful reading everyone elses stories so I feel like I should tell mine. I have had acne since I hit puberty but for the past six or seven years it has been pretty consistantly clear. I am now 21 (22 in three days) and decided to go off birth control in August. Everything was good until October rolled around, then slowly, week by week, and now day by day, my skin has been getting progressively worse to the point where my dermatologist suggested accutane today (which I am NOT doing until I have tried absolutely everything in the books). Since October I have been on tazorac .1 in the evening, finacea in the morning, and plexion cleansing cloths randomly (whenever I remember to use them). I was also on Solodyn, then switched to Doxy twice a day 100 mgs (which ended up messing with my stomach real bad), so now I'm back to the Solodyn. I went to my derm today and he noticed that clearly things were not clear so decided to switch from Finacea to Aczone in the morning and lower the tazorac from .1 to .05 because my skin is very raw and sensative and I have had good luck with the .05 strength before. I have also decided to go back on birth control (Yasmin) because I beleive my acne stems strictly from my hormones and want to get things back to normal ASAP! My skin is the worst it has ever looked in my entire life today and so therefore I am hopeful that things can only go up. I also have a seriously problem with picking my skin, especially right before I go to bed. This blog is going to help me document my success/failure with my regimen and to help me not destroy my skin at night. I keep reminding myself that skin is a living breathing organ that needs to be treated delicately. Hopefully this blog will keep me in check. Any words of advice or encouragement as well as personal stories are welcome.