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blog entry (99)

I been eating unhealthy stuff. But i am not seeing it affecting my face. I wonder whats going on. I should be more careful xD. I dont think i can keep risking my face. I wonder what really is causing my acne... I also been sleeping late too, but sleeping enough hours just waking up a bit later than usual, which is not a good thing cause im screwing up my sleeping schedule. NM:0

blog entry (98)

Once again my face is looking... okay again... But its just that my red marks 3 dots on my left side of my face is driving me crazy. I guess it would look fine if they were gone. But they have been on my face for like half a year already? I wish i could do something about it NM:6

blog entry (97)

I noticed that past 2M when i look in da mirror i cant spot a single flaw on mah face. But even 1m Away i can still see my redmarks. Sigh... If only i cant stay 2m away from EVERYBODY.. then i might be fine waiting for it to fade away NM:5

blog entry (96)

Body is tried of running need to get some sleep asap. Trying new external treatment. Hopefully i wont get a rash or anything or im gonna be so sad...T.T Drinking bitter melon tea as usual. Trying to cut out sugar. Eating a few fruits or two. Just waiting for my marks to fade. NM:4

blog entry (95)

Um my face is not improving right now. My cheeks are very rough right now seems like its breaking out on both sides. I been exercising more gonna continue drinking the bitter melon tea. Doubt its working but i don't know if its causing my breakouts. I think its my imbalanced diet. Hopefully i can fix this soon. NM:3

blog entry (94)

If i cover up the 3 dots on my left side of my face it actually looks pretty good. Stupid red marks its been like 6months already? I heard it takes up to 2 years for a mark to fade. But mine still hasn't improved yet. Its staying the same. It should have at least be 1/4 faded by now. But who knows maybe a miracle will happen. NM:2

blog entry (93)

I been drinking bitter melon tea for a few days. I haven't had any side effects nor improvements on my face, but ill get it a few weeks or so. Seems like my face has stopped improving instead im breaking out a little under my chin. Maybe i should see a derm or something. NM:1

blog entry (92)

Well woot new month and yes i see some improvements i think. Another month to improve my skin. That means another month closer to achieving clear skin. Maybe ill try something new this month. Right now a have a small break out on the side of my nose. It doesnt look that horrible. (maybe is cause with my diet) NM:2

blog entry (91)

Well end of this month is coming... and my face has yet to improve. Overall there was some improvements. Better than nothing i guess. But no worries next time ill work even harder. Maybe ill get my face clear but who knows only time will tell. But lately i been eating stuff that im not suppose to. luckily my face is not breaking out. I should be careful of what i eat. NM:1

blog entry (90)

Im gonna start drink bitter melon tea. Its like kinda like green tea i think? Maybe it will help with my face. So i might as well try it for a few weeks. See what i get in return. My face is looking pretty good. Just the stubborn marks that never fades I only have a few pimples on my forehead at this point NM:1

blog entry (89)

I had a good workout today(ran a lot) Kinda overworked a bit hopefully some rest will do. As for my face it is definitely improving. I have like 2 pimples again. Hopefully it wont get worst. Redmarks still here and not seem to be fading. NM:1

blog entry (88)

I started using my cleansers yesterday instead of water. It kinda helped my cheek a bit because it had small bumps. So ill probably continue using it. Now my main focus again is too sleep earlier. More rest for me means more rest for my face means it will heal faster. NM:1

blog entry (87)

Well my fade marks are fading(my face might get worst ,but less hope not), but i still feel the same (depressed) Maybe having acne for too long can make you depressed for a while. Does anyone else feel the same way? I need to find a way to open up more to others. But thats when i get my face all cleared up. Right now im just hiding from anyone anything NM:21

blog entry (86)

My red marks are fading, but the center or the marks gets darker? Does it mean its surfacing or what. Im probably gonna have to wait 2-3 months at least for them to fade away. I guess i can probably wait that long what else can i do. I been drinking a lot of water lately. Just drinking water when im bored. Cutting out sugar NM:20

blog entry (85)

I gained 2 white heads between my eyebrows. I dont get i how i got it? Nothing was even touching i kept my hair up. Probably my diet? I gotten enough sleep (8hours) Ive been eating a little wheat lately. I dont know if its affecting my face or not. But my red marks still pretty much look the same considering that they fade very slowly. I think i might go seek professional help? NM:19

blog entry (84)

Yes my red marks are fading, BUT they that an awful lot of time to fade( which takes forever) I dont know why but i remember my red marks use to fade a lot faster a few years ago. (puberty?) The sides of my nose have been getting oiling, maybe its too dry. So i started to get small bumps or white heads. But thos are not too hard to control. Hopefully my redmarks will fade soon. I hope everyone has a great easter. NM:18

blog entry (83)

I have noticed that my red marks on my left side of my face is slowly healing. Which is good, i dont expect much at this point. Ill i have to do is wait and keep my stress level down. Ill probably try to relax over this long weekend and see how my skin goes. Im not really breaking out. But if i look really really close i can see some small bumps on my nose NM:17

blog entry (82)

I swear i probably have the most stubbornest red marks ever. They take forever n ever to ffade actually they never fade. I dont know what to do at this point. I been waiting for months xD I have been eating very healthy lately. Drinking a lot of water. I am see little to no results. But i have a lot of patience. So i will wait... NM:16

blog entry (81)

Today someone tripped me on soccer and 1 side of my cheek touched the soil/grass. I dont think its gonna do anything bad cause i wipe it with water and paper towel. My red marks are slowly healing. It never gets to a satisfying point tho. I will just have to work harder and remember to never give up. My diet is pretty good i eat veggies and fruit everyday. NM:15

blog entry (80)

Sometimes i wonder if the stuff i do to my skin actually helps. I wonder what would happen if i just let my skin be and not try to treat it. Will it heal up the same? if not better. But i dont think ill leave my skin alone because im too worried about it. I really really really want lighten my red marks by the end of this week really badly. (Dont we all wanna get rid of acne?) NM:14

blog entry (79)

I dont know if this has ever happened to you guys before. Dont you hate when you get this pimple and you dont wanna pop it cause it might lead to a scar or reder marks. But when your showering you accidentally pop it. It happened to me a few times but luckily the damage was too big. Right now my right left of my face is well off(i could careless i guess?) But my left side has like 3 redmarks (or 4) NM:13

blog entry (78)

I noticed that my right cheek has been breaking out a little. Like small tiny bumps. Other than that my face is flat no new spots. JUST left with horrible red marks that arnt going away. Hopefully i wont be getting any new spots anytime soon. Right now i just want my redmarks to fade away and ill be well off. NM:12

blog entry (77)

I realize that my skin have its ups and downs but it never reaches the satisfying look. It seems like my face is recovering slowly... again. But i can tell for sure casue it can become worst in a matter of days. Im still trying to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes is hard with all the food your expose to. NM:11

blog entry (76)

I keep hoping o maybe by the end of this week my face will start looking good again. But each after week it either stays the same or gets worst. It never improve significantly. I always get so depressed by that. Even tho my face isnt as worst that some other. It still hurts to have some imperfection on your face. NM:10

blog entry (75)

After over a week of using apple cider vinegar at (50 water/50 vinegar) Which is helping kinda. I decided to switch to (25 water/ 75 vinegar). The difference is it smells a lot more and it kinda stings a little bit not much tho. Maybe it will affect my redmarks and not irritate my skin. NM:9
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