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I Got My Order

WOO! So I finally received my order yesterday and I am ecstatic to finally start in on my regimen. I was using Neutrogena SkinID and it just so happens that the "ID" system I was using had a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel. I think this will put me in a good way for flakiness so I am not too worried about that side effect. In comparison, Dan's BP gel spreads A LOT easier. My first reaction to everything seems positive except the smell. The BP and Moisturizer smell a bit odd to me, but not in a "oh my god, I need to return this" way. I guess I will just get used to it. In addition, I am becoming a huge fan of the jojoba oil. It feels so good on my skin. It makes me feel refreshed, and being the lipgloss addict I am, it is a great non-comedogenic option for lip moisturizing at night. The only problem I have with it is the way it is dispensed. It seems to get all over the lid because it leaks out in a couple places. I wonder if it is just mine or just the style of lid. Anyway, I love it so far. Let's keep up the positive thoughts!





I just ordered

A Tiny Intro: I have struggled with acne for far to long, and, while I do not have severe acne, I think everyone here can agree how psychologically damaging these pesky bumps can be. My acne tends to be small in size but large in number (especially blackheads), but every so often I get these large, painful red zits that I think are mild cysts. Anywho, let's get down to business shall we? The Basic Info About Me Name: Aly Age: 18 Skin Type: Oily but after a particularly nasty zit, I peel and flake Acne Severity: Moderate (and occasionally severe) Acne Types: Blackheads, Whiteheads, Pustules, and what I believe are a mild form of cysts but I've never been to the dermatologist to know for sure. Past Acne Treatments: Proactive, Skinid, Over-the-counter Neutrogena (I have used nearly every product they sell), A prescription written by my MD The Reason I Am Starting This Regimen Recently, I was sick with a bad cold and (as always) my acne flared up. Well, let's be honest, it basically turned into a hell storm on my chin. Usually, I can suffer through the breakout until it clears up and I can get back to my basic 2-3 pimples, however, it took over my face 2 1/2 weeks ago and is still going strong. It is bad enough that I have to have braces at 18 years old due to my being forced to move around so often, but I do not need to add acne to my list of agonies in life. Christmas is on Saturday and now I am blessed with the privilege of having the worst breakout of my life on it. Yay... Anyway, much like most on this website, I have tried so many different things I can't even name them all. Nothing has worked and I am tired of dealing with the constant stress of my acne. I'm willing to try this Regimen to see if Dan really has it figured out. When you have nothing to lose but a lot of zits, what else can you do? Exactly. Order Placed So, I ordered the Basic Regimen Kit (8 oz. bottles of everything) and a side of Jojoba Oil. It came to a grand total of $58.19. (Not the most I've paid by far for a treatment plan.) I would like to order the AHA+ later on but I simply couldn't afford that with everything else I ordered. I also read that Dan suggests not to use the AHA+ until you are well into The Regimen, so I opted for the Jojoba Oil. Final Thoughts I'm skeptical about this plan but I don't really have much to lose. I think keeping a positive outlook will really keep me focused on doing it exactly as Dan describes. I truly hope this works. Aly signing out.




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