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Started the regimen yesterday with more or less a pea sized application of bp and tomorrow will move up to morning application as well. I wanted to try and not wear makeup for at least 3 weeks but I just couldn't do it....I just looked so horrible, red and blotchy it really was affecting my self esteem. I was worried about spreading bacteria with the powder brush which is actually kind of stiff so I decided to use my regular blush brush. Thankfully I haven't experienced any dry patches or peeling which may be in response to the extra care and attention that comes from the regimen and a consistent application process that includes PLENTY of moisturizer. So far so good! I didn't refill my minocycline which ran out a few days ago so I am also off that. I'd been giving it a try since October but seeing as my acne has not improved since then I figured why bother. It consistently caused yeast infections as well so it just wasn't working. I am, however, still on yazmin so hopefully that helps as well. Hard not to pick but I'm working on it!




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