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Day One

I'm writing this a few days into my Isotrex journey but the pictures were taken on the very first day of starting it which was 6th January 2017.  I have suffered with hormonal acne since 2007 ... almost 10 years now. It calmed down a lot 5 years ago after using a combination of various Lush products and only really got bad again last summer. The breakouts I was getting mimicked the ones I had been plagued with back at the beginning when all this started. I think going through a period of high




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Day 10

Calling this day 10 is a bit of a lie to be honest as following the instructions, I've had to stop the Isotrex Gel for the moment. I had been using it every evening on the areas that I get my acne and to be honest, it's been doing a pretty good job. My worst side has been clearing up very quickly and the other side has been blemish free. Although my skin tone is dire as I do suffer with hyperpigmentation, the texture of my skin has improved massively. It almost looks flawless after foundation an





Day Six

I hadn't planned on updating so soon but after 6 days of using Isotrex Gel in the evening, I'm experiencing a few things that I thought are worth mentioning. The acne is drying very fast however because of this, they are what a previous aesthitican I used to see would call 'blind'. She was referring to them having no head or coming to a head and therefore not able to be extracted. I suppose those sort could do with a cortisone injection. I've also had a few new spots appear.  The biggest thi




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