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In my early 30's, I often still feel like a teenager as I suffer with hormonal breakouts. My skin tends to clear up (almost perfect!) when I'm pregnant but I don't want to spend my whole life having babies to have clear skin!! I spent years using products from Lush which certainly minimised the severity of my breakouts but didn't stop them completely nor help with the pigmentation I get left with. My skin is currently struggling again, the worst it's been in 5 years, so I was prescribed Skinoren. I was using it twice a day but it all it did was make my skin dry. I then changed to just using it in the evenings but it didn't have any effect. I'm now trying Isotrex Gel 0.05% in combination with Agnus Castus and Omega 3 supplements. 

Entries in this blog


Day 10

Calling this day 10 is a bit of a lie to be honest as following the instructions, I've had to stop the Isotrex Gel for the moment. I had been using it every evening on the areas that I get my acne and to be honest, it's been doing a pretty good job. My worst side has been clearing up very quickly and the other side has been blemish free. Although my skin tone is dire as I do suffer with hyperpigmentation, the texture of my skin has improved massively. It almost looks flawless after foundation and concealer. The only downside is how red my skin is getting and the peeling! It's been getting worse as I continue to use it. 

I read the instructions that came with the medication and it says that if you're experiencing redness and peeling to stop using it until the symptoms have subsided. I last applied it on Friday night and my skin is calming down now so I'm going to start applying it again tonight.

These pictures were taken this morning. 





Day Six

I hadn't planned on updating so soon but after 6 days of using Isotrex Gel in the evening, I'm experiencing a few things that I thought are worth mentioning.

The acne is drying very fast however because of this, they are what a previous aesthitican I used to see would call 'blind'. She was referring to them having no head or coming to a head and therefore not able to be extracted. I suppose those sort could do with a cortisone injection. I've also had a few new spots appear. 

The biggest thing is the stinging sensation when applying it to my skin and the redness. I'm only applying a pea sized amount but it certainly feels like more. The skin where I'm applying it to is a bit more sensitive. For example, if I rub my face with a towel to dry it, it feels sore. 

The clogged pores I was struggling with before Christmas have greatly improved though. I can't attribute this to the Isotrex Gel since it's not even been a week but my current skincare routine must be helping. I exfoliate every morning with Indeed Labs Exfoliator which is pretty much a cheaper version of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I'm not sure if I should stop this whilst using the retinoid but I don't really want to. It's been a bit of a game-changer for my skin. 

The hyperpigmentation following this is going to be horrific!! 





Day One

I'm writing this a few days into my Isotrex journey but the pictures were taken on the very first day of starting it which was 6th January 2017. 

I have suffered with hormonal acne since 2007 ... almost 10 years now. It calmed down a lot 5 years ago after using a combination of various Lush products and only really got bad again last summer. The breakouts I was getting mimicked the ones I had been plagued with back at the beginning when all this started. I think going through a period of high stress and anxiety is what initially caused a hormone change and then I was going through a lot of stress again last summer so there's definitely a pattern. 

Anyhow, I have been prescribed Isotrex Gel 0.05% by my GP and here is my skin at the beginning of this journey. 

I have also started taking Agnus Castus and Omega 3 supplements. I'm also a Slimming World member so do eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and limited sugar. I do need to up my water intake though. 

I do intend to introduce Azelaic Acid at some point to help the pigmentation. I've been using my current skincare routine minus the Isotrex Gel for a month and have found it works well. Up until my period was due, my skin was the clearest it had been in 6 months. I don't want to incorporate too many new products in one go as I find it can be counter productive. The cleanser I use from Dermalogica is almost running out and I won't be buying it again so before introducing Azelaic Acid, I need to replace that cleanser first and see how my skin reacts. 

I'm not setting a timescale of how often I'll post progress updates. Some weeks there might not be anything to report. However I will always post if there's anything new to share, be it good or bad. 

Wish me luck ... 




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