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Hey Everyone, I am not the type of person to write these things but i felt I had to share with the world what saved my life. I had horrible acne for the past three years --I am 21 years old and it has honestly ruined my life. I was a huge model since I was 12 and because of my acne I gave it all up..along with a lot of other things. My social life was ruined, I cried every day, and I honestly hid from society. I went from feeling absolutely beautiful on the cover of magazines across the globe, to the ugliest thing in the world. I spent hundreds of dollars on acne medications, from Proactive, to Benzol Peroxide treatments, max clarity, clinique..you name it I tried it. I honestly used anything and everything you could imagine. NOTHING WORKED. My skin would burn, it would get read, my acne would get worse. Even if it got rid of it temporarily, I would wake up a few days later with horrible skin. I felt like my life was over, and I am sure you all understand that pain. I picked and picked until I bled and cried. It was horrible. I understand that everyone's skin is different, however please believe me that any chemical you put on your face is a chemical, and it is going to cause a reactions. Putting chemicals on your face (although we secretly like the burn and feel like it is working) is going to cause a mess. Trust me that i wasted three years and endless money on every chemical top dermatologist from all over the world..but not until I took this route did my face heal... 1. Throw out absolutely everything in your cabinet. All chemicals. All benzol peroxide all proactive all all on the spot nonsense. Throw it all out and get excited that your life will change. 2. Purchase an ALL NATURAL mild cleanser. Doesn't have to be expensive. Make sure it is gentle, all natural. Choose one with olive oil, tea tre oil, chamamile, etc. It is 3. After, if you need a toner, use all natural witch hazel, with no alcohol. 4. Moisturizer: ALBA OIL FREE. This should be your regime. But I understand since it is all natural with no chemicals you are going to need something for a quick fix, or a satisfying feeling that it is zaping those zits. If you have to use something, use burtz bees acne solution on the spot treatment. It is amazing. Use it ONLY AT NIGHT and don't use too much of it (even tho you will feel like you want to continuously put it on all day). ONLY AT NIGHT and just on the bad spots. I suggest that everyone GOES OUT AND BUYS BLACK MUD DEAD SEA MASK. Use it once a week and it takes everything off your face literally. It burns the pimples off however feels smooth and calm after it comes off. You really want to know what helped me? I became a vegan. STOP DRINKING MILK, GIVE UP SUGAR, AND STOP DRUGS/ALCOHOL. If you want AMAZING skin, and you are at the point you'll do anything for it, here are some more tips that saved my life: no milk, no white sugar, read "the kind diet" awesome book please all of u read it and start to live by it, no coffee, drank green tea all day long, wheat grass, prayed constantly, worked out and stayed positive. please do this guys. please throw out all that garbage and turn to natural stuff. i am not some tree hugger physcho who wants to change the planet, i just want u all to have good skin. ive been through hell with it..i cried one too many times and i just had enough. i was depressed for so long, nothing was working for me. i would spend all my money on new products and nothing worked. please just be gentle, go all natural, drink lots of water, don't eat crap, invest in those products i told you about, work out, and i promise you'll be cured in less than a month and you will feel great. also, i know there is a bunch of trash talk about acnepril..but it is jst a natural supplement that has a bunch of good stuff for ur skin in it. it helps me a lot..look on the website and see the all natural ingredients. i think this is the answer to all of ur problems. all i ask of all of u is to believe that there is an end bc there is, i witnessed it. i know how hard it is and please ask me ANYTHING you need to i promise to answer and figure out how to work this site better. good luck guys, and please do not pick. let it rock. let them come to the surface and dry up... do not pop it and do not pick at little things only we see under heavy lighting...i know how it gets trust me. ok please believe me on this one. good luck and God bless. believe in miracles...they're true xoxox