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Week 1

DAY 1: PM So today is my first week. After 3 days of anxiously waiting for the regimen to arrive, it finally got here. First Impression: Bottles are very cute, simple yet nice packaging. So I immediatly began to wash my face. I usually HATE liquid Cleansers, but i love this one! It's completley non-drying and its perfect. I noticed though that when i applied the Treatment my face felt itchy, like i have little cuts on my face and the Treatment sort of irritated that. I think its from all the times I've ever exfoliated my face, which isn't a very good idea since the acne on my cheeks are very raw and sore "alive" type pimples. I like moisturizer aswell, it's very calming. DAY 2: AM So i just applied my Treatment this morning, after washing my face of course, and it dosen't feel as itchy as it did yesterday. I think my skin is beginning to adjust to this. I'm off to school soon and i'll post about how my skin felt throughout the day. PM: So..... today didn't go as I had hoped. My face was noticeably ALOT more oily then i wud be on a normal day. I was so disappointed!!!! I felt because of that my face looked dirty, it was horrible. And i hope also my face gets used to the BP soon.... ugh




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