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Hiya I have just joined the website as a memeber. I checked this website out years ago and was relieved to finally get somewhat honest advice on acne products, God knows there's a shortage of this! I am 27 and I will be keeping you posted on my experience with a NEW treatment I am trying. I intend to keep a blog diary to let you know how it is going. This time next week my blue/ red light treatment should arrive by post and I CAN'T WAIT! I have had acne for OVER 10 years and have tried everything. Some things work and others work for a while and then stop working so i have been left with pretty horrible scarring but not as bad as it can be. I don't want to ramble on about my life with acne, because every acne suffer knows how hard it is. The important thing is to focus on the positives in life and not obsess about it- it is hard! If you have similar experiences or are trying out any LIGHT treatment, join the blog and let's share our stories so acne sufferes can get good avice on what is best for their skin!

New Light

New Light