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Day 70 (1/7/11)

I upped my dosage over the past month and things have gone really well, my face is clear of any old or new acne, which is a relief. Here's what I'm taking now for my acne: 40mg isotretinoin 2/day (80mg/day) Topical Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 1% -- This is for dry/scaly areas on my hands and forearms only Topical Zinc Oxide 40% -- can be found in diaper rash cream or special sunscreens, for spot pimples I couldn't be happier with the isotretinoin, my face is smooth after being on the stuff for only two months. After having moderate/severe nodular acne, this is the best decision I have made in my life! The only side effects I have had problems with are dry lips and skin. My hands and forearms are so dry, my dermatologist started me on a prescription steroid cream yesterday to help with that. I will say that I had a second breakout while on isotretinoin when my dermatologist double my dose that lasted a week, so be wary of that if you increase your dose or are thinking about taking the stuff. Almost halfway through!





Day 38

Day 38 (12/7/10) Hi, my name is Mitchell, I am 22, and this year I started developing an onset of severe nodular acne on both my cheeks and my jawline before the fall semester started. It was not unusual for a cyst or nodule on my face to be dime sized; it ruined my self-confidence. My girlfriend left me and I didn't want to see my friends or family. I had about 4 or 5 large cysts on both sides of my face in addition to the mild acne I already had for the entire month of October. Then on the 27th I saw a dermatologist and got some help. Here are the meds I took in October/November: Claravis 40mg 1/per day Zinc Gluconate 50mg 1/per day Topical 40% Zinc Oxide (Desitin) at night Fast forward now to December. I still have a few pimples here and there but no more large cysts. I know it sounds gross to put Desitin, or diaper rash cream on your face, but if you have bad redness, this stuff is a miracle. I heard about using this stuff on the message board in mid October and wish I heard about it earlier. Zinc oxide works wonders and helps heal the skin at a faster rate. I stopped taking Zinc Gluconate 50mg pill recently, I find that it made me very nauseous, I don't think it helped much either, I don't recommend it. As far as side effects go, I've had gross dried lips! I always have to have a tube of chapstick on hand. I've also started having dandruff for the first time. As soon as I bought some T-gel shampoo, it stopped. I don't feel depressed or anything either now, I definetly was in October but not anymore. Claravis and Zinc Oxide are giving me my life back. This week, I've started a larger dose of Claravis 40mg 2 per/day (80mg) I'll let you all know how it goes.




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