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The Beggining

Hi I wish i could start of my new blog by saying i have clear skin. I can do that because at the moment i pulled of a clogged pore on my nose and theres a scratch on cheek. and theres a scab on my eyebrow and i think a light pink cyst on my eyebrow. I AM SO MAD! I wanted to go swimming with my class but appeareantly I cant because how would i like to see my face like this. I wish I hada time machine and make everything better. I hope it will be gone by Dec.23 because my familly and 1 are going to Whistler, and I was hoping it would be gone by now. Sometimes I just choose to not put any sort of cream in my 'problems. So if ANYONE knows how it feels to have this problem and feel like there is NO HOPE, other than a time machine! -Maria