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The Beginning

Hey everyone! Yup, this is my first blog . I want to create this blog to be able to allow teen girls and guys feel good about themselvs and about their skin (& me ) . Trust me, Ive had my share of enbarrassments . , this morning for example, I woke up with a huge ripe red pimple on my forehead, it was basically barking for everyones attention. I also know what its like to wake up with a breakout and realising that theres nothing that you can do right know because you have to go somewhere and btw, makeup is not the answer (makes your skin oily). Yup, from these past experiances I am now on a mission to get the glowing skin Ive always wanted and being able too look in a mirror and not blame the lighting for the redness or texture of my skin. In my blog I will search out for the best home remedies for acne, products, beauty tips (don't worry its not ALL about zits and what-not, I will post more on how to glow, get rid of bags, how to exfoliate better and much more!) and the propor ways to wash and cleanse. PHASE 1 (serious much?) I've been reading on acne.org about leaving leamon juice on youre zits overnight to lessen the redness and get a nice smooth tone. Ive also heard about it helping to heal acne marks (Ive got some red marks with little dots in the middle cause I popped my pimples in yr6). Ive really got it grained int my memory that healing your acne is the best solution to make the pimples fade away properly (just my luck, I scar easily) and Ive done my reasearch and have found that by using honey, it works as a spot treatment, heals zits if youve popped em', heals scars AND can be used as a mask to give you a glow. HOW TO: Lemon home remedie: 1. Juice out 1 teaspoon of a lemon 2. put a cotton ball into the juice 3. slide juice over affected areas 4. Leave on overnight 5. Wash off in the morning (Caution: May sting for a moment but it will pass, if it stings too much dilute the juice with water a little) Honey (over night treatment) 1. Go to a health food store and purchase some honey (Manuka is the best healing remedy there is, I went on Ebay cause I couldnt find it ANYWHERE.....0-0) 2. Before bed cut a bandade so theres enough sticky bit to stick but not so much it hurts when you tare off the bandage in the morning 3. Smear the honey onto the bandage and stick it on the affected area 4. gently peel off in the morning and wash with nice cool water Im going to try the lemon now! I will leave the reviews tomorrow. Keep reading! Just a girl who wants to help xoxo