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First Entry

This is my first entry. I've decided to log what I'm using and doing so that maybe I can help others with my results or any of you can help me. I'm 21 years old. I never had what I would consider acne as a teenager. I had the occasional blemish. Towards the end of my junior year and through my senior year i developed small outbreaks near my ears slightly below my jaw line. Hardly anything severe, nonetheless I went to a dermy. It cleared me up for the most part (I was given a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, a pill, and some miscellaneous cream I can't recall.. I think Differin). I attended a two year performing arts school in NYC and as I began dance classes wearing make up, high stress, lots of drinking, my skin got bad again. Over break I returned and once again we got the skin clear with an upgrade to 10% BP and switching to Ziana gel. Well my skin was clear and beautiful! I finished school! Still beautiful! Then I got off of my mom's insurance about 7 months after graduation (Around November 2009). Stopped using the prescription because I figured it would be easy enough finding a regimen and that I could do it on my own. BIG MISTAKE. Slowly my skin got worse and worse. I would say it really got to be severe acne around January 2010. I've gone through everything.. Proactiv, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Prescription.. Have recently started changing my diet. I've cut out all dairy.. For the most part I don't eat grains or much starch. When it got much worse, I figured I'd grin and bear it as I paid the prescription prices for my derm's regimine (back on the BP and gel and pills).. Well I've now been back on that for almost two months.. and though it's not as severe.. it's still mild acne. Just last week I moved to Australia with my Dad and his wife for a small period of time and he's offered quite a plethora of ideas and research. He has really committed himself to helping me solve my skin problem. It certainly helps having a support group.. this site alone has boosted my confidence heaps. I found acne.org through researching Calamine lotion as a drying technique (thanks to Dad's ideas), and quickly fell in love with the site and all it offers. Today Dad and I picked up some proper moisturizer (Olay SPF moisturizer for sensitive skin) and i'm cutting off the Ziana gel. I'll show my regimen in a profile post soon so you can see what i'm using. Any ideas or advice due to experience or knowledge would be appreciated! Good luck on your journey to clear skin! I'll keep you updated!




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