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Week 3 10mg accutane

Hi, haven't updated in a while. I stopped taking accutane only 3 days after starting it, because my depression was getting quite bad, however left it a couple of weeks and started it again on 21st December, so today, is the beginning of week 3... So far, no initial breakout, skin isn't noticeably more dry, and lips arent either, they are a tiny bit dry but they arent uncomfortably so. This may be due to me being on such a low dose, hopefully i wont have many of these side effects..




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Day 2

No initial reaction, couple of extra spots but probably not due to the accutane, pretty much a normal day. Been obsessing and worrying about potential side effects but that's because im quite the worrier! Been moisturising lips regularly with blistex, in preparation for the dry lip episode.. no difference yet. I'll try to be more optimistic, because the majority of the feedback is very positive for this drug, after waiting the bad side effects out for a bit...





Day 1 10mg accutane + a bit about me

So a bit about me. Over the last few months my life has been hell, crashed my car, broke my wrist (2 days before my exams, nightmare!), developed quite serious depression, a worsened gambling problem, and developed a severe habit of picking my at my skin and my acne (which would be mild if i didnt infect it due to picking). Through this i have had some wonderful friends and a wonderful girlfriend. However due to embarrassment, due to the state of my skin post picking, i have isolated mys




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