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9 weeks today :)

So today I'm on week 9 of the Acne.org regimen. Currently my face is flakey on and off which is kind of annoying...and trust me I do EVERYTHING to try to prevent it and moisturize my face w/ Jojoba oil and what not. It is what it is I guess....for now. As far as my acne goes...I get 1-2 pimples a week which is not bad. The pimples I get are much smaller and easy to deal with. They come to a head much faster...gross I KNOW!!! Before the regimen I had LOADS of blackheads all over my nose, chin, some on my cheeks. Not really too noticable. But I noticed them and they drove me absolutely CRAZY. I got atleast 1 pimple daily...sometimes more. I was trying all these different products nothing was working. I have very oily skin, well atleast that last couple of years it's been very oily. I didn't seem to notice the amount of oil on my skin till after I had my daughter about a year and a half ago. So anyways, my pimples were progressively getting bigger and worse, and more underneath the skin. Very painful. The regimen has made all my blackheads dissappear So thankful for that. Skin is not so oily since the regimen, I think the Jojoba oil really helps with that. Still getting some acne. Hopefully staying on the regimen continues to cut that down. I just started using Dan's AHA. I noticed it helped alot with the redness. So that's where I'm at right now.




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